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Structural Repairs

Structural Restraint

This definition covers a great number of structural repair techniques that can be utilised to repair or restrain masonry walls. Unwanted movement can occur in buildings for a great many reasons, these may include:

  • Ground movement or subsidence
  • Inadequately restrained or tied walls
  • Movement brought on by water ingress and timber decay into the structure
  • Failed lintels or building materials
  • Movement fatigue
  • Mechanical impact or disturbance

In all these examples a structural surveyor may recommend some form of mechanical restraint as part of the remedial repair. The repair techniques that can be adopted may include the use of:

  • Structural wall ties and restraints
  • Embedded wall stitching
  • Strapping
  • Structural Pinning
  • Resin bonding or resin beam repairs These types of structural repairs should always be specified and supervised by a trained and competent structural engineer and any installations must be undertaken by an experienced specialist contractor. Experienced specialist contractors can be found amongst the members of the Property Care Association .


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