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Damp Proofing

Guard your home against increasing damp

Over the last decade, we’ve noticed a significant increase in damp and rot problems, due to changing air temperatures and moisture levels caused by climate change.

With the increased risk of dampness in both commercial and domestic properties, professional damp control is important to protect your home or business. Trust Advanced Damp & Timber for expert services to combat even the most persistent dampness problems.

Environmentally friendly solutions for your home

Guarding your home against rising and penetrating damp can protect your family and property from health and structural problems that can develop because of damp.

One of our most popular and effective damp proofing methods is a Tanking Meshed Membrane System. This method can be used for cellars, basements, barn conversions, older buildings and buildings with solid walls.

These types of buildings typically use a standard wet mix plaster which is prone to salt contamination/ lateral penetrating dampness and condensation. Using a Tanking Meshed Membrane System in your property can stop lateral penetrating dampness and the deposit of salts on your walls.

At Advanced Damp & Timber, we can also provide you with environmentally friendly, low toxicity chemical treatments and positive air units to keep you and your home safe from the effects of humidity and moisture, including wet and dry rot. We also provide woodworm treatment and general building services.

Protect you property

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